Le Hardy
Polymath Extraordinaire

Behind every image is a story; what's yours? It is that I strive to tell, evoking the emotions felt during these once-in-a-lifetime moments through digital time machines that enable us to relive them forever. I create nostalgia. 

End scene. 🎬 Roll credits!

  • Photographer 
  • REALTOR® (they made me put the trademark sign! 😩)

Bios 🤪🔫 Oh, "Hey, 💁🏾‍♂️ You're still here." 

My name is "chicka chicka," Le Hardy. That's my last name. My first name is José 🌶️. Don't forget the accent mark. "Keepin' it spicy." 🤣

I am oxymoronic. A great indoors man who loves exploring nature—an introverted social butterfly: overly ambitious, dreamer, professional, clown, with (O)CD, Type A, but most importantly, 

"Dada" to "my precious" girls in my Gollum voice. 

"Yes, master!" 

IDK if we've added enough adjectives. 🤔 Oh yeah, I'm super sarcastic. 

Afro • Latin • American • Veteran 

📍 MA • NH • NC • PR 🇵🇷

Byyyee 👋🏾

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