In short, physical addresses are important for contracts because they help to protect the rights and obligations of the parties involved.

In a little more detail, physical addresses are required for contracts to establish the jurisdiction and venue of the contract, which determines the applicable laws and courts in case of a dispute. Another reason is to ensure that the parties can be personally served with legal notices or documents, such as a summons or a complaint.

"You don't need to edit them."

Ah, one of our favorite questions and one we get practically every time.

The short answer is "No!"

"But why?" 😏 Well, you're in for a treat because explaining "why" is what we do.

*Cracks fingers*

If you've ever hired a professional photographer, you might have wondered why they don't give you the RAW files of your photos. After all, you paid for them, right? Forrealsies, did you pay your photographer, though? 👀 If not, we got other issues to address first. 

There are several reasons why photographers don't share their RAW files with their clients, but before we answer that question, do you know what a RAW image is?

Here's a clue, it's not a JPG/JPEG

  • Unlike JPG/JPEG files, RAW files are proprietary. Without suitable applications and software, you can't open them on your phone or computer. Each camera manufacturer produces a different file type. For example, Canon cameras produce files with a CRW, CR2, or CR3 at the end, Nikon's have a NEF or NRW, and Sony's have an SRF or SR2. We promise we're not using pig Latin here to throw you off.

Imagine you go to your favorite local spot to get a burger and place your order, salivating as you wait patiently. Your server brings a hunk of meat that still has a heartbeat. 🤮 "Oh no, they didn't." 💁🏾‍♀️ Negative 5-star Yelp review.

  • Like that piece of RAW meat, RAW files are unfinished, uncooked, and unseasoned. They must be developed to bring out the best colors, contrast, sharpness, and other flattering aspects of the image, AKA the "final work(s)," which our contracts indicate you will receive. You did sign a contract, right? If not, "Houston, we got another problem." 

Size matters.

  • An average RAW file is 6-12x larger than a JPEG. Unlike JPEG files, which are compressed and edited by the camera, RAW files preserve all the information and details, giving photographers more flexibility and control during post-production to reflect their vision and style for optimum image quality.

Copyright protection

  • Amongst the details preserved with a RAW image are who took the photo, when, and where. Suppose any information is stripped from a photograph or altered; RAW files prove ownership.

We hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

J. Le Hardy

Lead Photographer


Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC

Published 2023 04-12

This question can help determine if your photographer fits your budget and expectations. 

We offer different options for hours of coverage, number of images, prints and albums, engagement sessions, and more. 

Our packages are customizable and flexible, depending on your needs. You can see our detailed pricing guide on the offerings section of our website or contact us for a quote.

This question can help you plan and know what to expect after your wedding day. We deliver the images via an online gallery you can access, download, share with your family and friends, and even purchase prints. 

You'll receive the initial sneak peek within the first week enabling you to select some of your favorite images for editing. The fully developed gallery of your photos will be ready within 4-weeks of your wedding date.

After our photography session, we will upload the images to our website within the first 7 days. You will receive a link to access your private album, where you can review the unedited photos and select your favorites.

Once you've chosen your preferred pictures, you can let us know, and we'll begin the editing process. Suppose you decide to include more shots than what was initially outlined in our agreement. In that case, you'll have the option to purchase additional edits separately.

It makes a remarkable difference when your photos are tangible, and you're able to proudly display them in your home instead of burying them in your phone's bottomless pit of photos.

From your private gallery, you'll be free to share your stunning images directly on social media, apply captivating black and white filters, crop them to your liking, and even purchase professional-quality prints. Rest assured, these prints are not your run-of-the-mill CVS quality; they are meticulously crafted at one of the finest labs in the country.

Good question. You want to find a photographer whose style matches your vision for your wedding day. 

My photographic style is candid, cinematic, and creative. I like to capture the natural emotions and highlights of your wedding while creating stunning portraits that showcase your personality and love for one another.

This question can help protect yourself and your photographer from potential issues or misunderstandings. We always have a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of our services, such as the date, time, location, payment, cancellation policy, etc. 

We also have a backup plan in case of emergency, illness, or equipment failure. We have a network of trusted photographers who can step in if needed and always carry backup gear.

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