What it means to "edit" your photos

What it means to "edit" your photos

Capturing the essence of your special day is a proper art form, and I believe that the magic truly happens in the details. 

When editing your wedding photos, I go beyond simply applying filters and adjusting brightness. I believe in creating stunning imagery through a meticulous post-production process that subtly enhances every aspect of your photographs, resulting in a final appearance that will take your breath away.

As a photographer, I pride myself on my attention to detail. When I sit with your photos on my 34-inch ultra-wide monitor, I can see every nuance and aspect of the image. My keen eye and passion drive me to focus on every attribute until it is "picture perfect." It's a never-ending pursuit of excellence that defines my artistic approach.

I want to clarify that my goal is not to change or correct any perceived flaws you may have. I believe that your unique beauty should shine through in your wedding photos. I am not here to make you look skinny, hide your freckles, or conform to any stereotypical notion of "perfection." Your unique qualities make you special, and I aim to capture that authenticity in every shot.

Unlike heavily filtered or overly processed photos that can make you look like cartoon characters, my editing style is rooted in the art of storytelling. I approach RAW images like the old-school rolls of film that were carefully developed. I meticulously work on your photos in my digital darkroom, employing techniques learned through over 10 years of experience to bring out the best in each shot.

Here's what you can expect from my editing process:

1. Composition Enhancement: I carefully crop and straighten your photographs, removing unwanted distractions and improving the overall composition. This ensures that the focus remains on the moments and emotions captured in the image.

2. Color and Light Enhancement: I adjust the exposure, contrast, and white balance to enhance the colors and light in your photos, creating a rich and captivating visual experience. Every color and tone is delicately balanced to bring out the true essence of the moment.

3. Selective Enhancements: Using advanced selective tools, I strengthen specific areas of your photos that deserve extra attention. Whether it's enhancing the beauty of the sky, emphasizing the foreground, or highlighting the subject, I carefully craft the visual narrative to tell your unique story.

4. Crisp and Clear Detailing: I employ sharpening techniques to ensure every detail in your photo looks crisp and clear. This enhances the overall quality and highlights the intricate elements that might have gone unnoticed.

5. The Perfect Touch: I believe in providing a spa-like treatment to your photographs. I gently soften specific areas of your skin using advanced techniques while preserving its natural texture. This subtle touch adds a touch of elegance and enhances your radiant beauty.

6. Sparkling Eyes and Radiant Smiles: I enhance the visibility of your eyes and smiles, ensuring they shine with joy and happiness. These are the windows to your soul, and I want them to sparkle with the love and excitement of your special day.

7. Sculpting with Light: Digital highlighting techniques allow me to accentuate the high points of your face where light naturally hits. By adding soft touches to the cheekbones, brow bone, and nose bridge, I create a subtle glow that adds depth and dimension to your features.

8. Artistic Contouring: With digital contouring, I create shadows that enhance your facial features, such as the cheekbones, jawline, and nose. This technique adds a sense of artistry and brings out the inherent beauty of your face, giving you a timeless and captivating look.

I hope this detailed explanation of my editing process has given you a clear understanding of my commitment to creating wedding photos that exceed your expectations.

J. Le Hardy

Lead Photographer


Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC

Published 2023 06-09

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